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"Absolutely all children are born gifted.
Our objective is to recognize these talents and create opportunities for their development."


A career counseling is recommended for adolescents age 13 and over, to learn about their unique personal and cognitive qualities, such as personality traits, motivation, interests, and aptitudes, and how these qualities map onto the spectrum of real life jobs and professions. It is helpful for high-school students or for university students who are doubting whether they have chosen a right path.

For younger students, we recommend the psychoeducational assessment which determines whether the student has weaknesses in any important areas, analyses a student's cognitive profile and identifies the areas of strength and areas that need special attention and development, as well as attention skills, concentration, stress factors and anxiety.

As a result, we present the recommendations that can be used by educators and parents for successful remediation of possible problems and developing child's overall strengths and intellectual potential.





In accordance to the best of technologies in the field of identifying talents and abilities, as well as on the original authors' developments, we use the logical and effective four-factor model of professional success assessment to determine the most suitable professions.

First factor: inborn particularities of testee's nervous system.

Innate features of the psyche - the strength or sensitivity of the nervous system, the intretness or mobility of nervous processes at different levels, the liability of mental organization - create a unique personality pattern and determine its leading trends - crucial personal predispositions. It is their compliance with the specifics of this or that activity that determine professional success.

Simply speaking: a person with a sensitive nervous system, high anxiety and stress-sensitivity is unlikely to be a good soldier, but can become a talented writer, musician or scientist. At the same time, his antipode simply does not have the patience to do music or a scrupulous research, but he is priceless in situations that require a high stress tolerance and a desire for victory.

Second factor: level of different intellectual functions development. 

In a systematic approach, intelligence is understood not as an average indicator of IQ, but in the form of a structure: after all, different intellectual characteristics in different people may vary greatly.


For example, if a child with a sensitive nervous system also has a systematic thinking and math abilities, he may be very good at sciences or programming, while the above-mentioned antipode with the same combination of abilities can become an excellent soldier, politician or diplomat. But who out of those two would he become?

Third factor: structure of motivation. 

A desire to beneficially influence people's lives is an excellent option for a political or diplomatic career, but, being more precise, a strong wish to constantly change place of living suites a diplomat more, while search for prestige can lead to a choice in favor of a career a politician.

Therefore, the third factor is a motivational orientation of the individual. And yet, in which case will our testee with a strong nervous system be happy and successful - if he would make a choice towards military or a political career?

Fourth factor: the structure or interests.  

Can you hire a man in the Research Institute as a laboratory technician, who: 1) has a well developed analytical and systematic thinking;

2) is capable to perform for a long time tasks, that require constant attention; 3) has a driving motive of search activity and a financial security;

4) continuously reads articles on a marine biology and spends all his free time diving in the sea?


The correct answer is: you can. But it would be better for him to go to a marine biology department, because in the former case he will be just an executive laboratory assistant, notwithstanding in the latter case he can find himself as a genius. 



Our method of aptitude assessment and career counseling combines psychometric measurements, client-centered psychological analysis and psychophysiological assessment. It was designed to assist young people in their self-exploration and career development. Unlike other career counseling services (e.g., school or employment counseling), that typically use one standard test, PRIME Personality offers a unique combination of verbal, nonverbal and projective tests in conjunction with deep client-oriented psychological and psychophysolotical exploration. We measure students' relative strengths in several aptitude areas, creative skills, define intelligence structure, explore their personal interests and motivation, and asses personality traits related to satisfaction in different work environments.

I. Online assessment (obligatory)


  • Specifics: could be done online at any time, anywhere in the world. We use internationally recognized scientific methods which have been tested and validated on thsousands of people for several decades.

  • What could be found: the four main factors of professional success.

  • Necessity: crucial part for all the options of professional assessment.

  • Length: 3-4 hours, depending on the individual performance of a testee.

  • Result: psychological profile of a testee wich includes detailed recommendations for the choice of a career and the ways to optimie the educational and parenting processes.

  • What exactly would be found out?

1. Main personality traits, determining professional success
  • Leading characteristics - the main personality traits important for the professional success,
  • Level of intelligence development;
  • Motivational structure;
  • Map of interests;
  • Probability of giftedness;
  • Level and possibility of development of different abilties.
2. The most and the least suitable professions

- as an outcome of the previous point.

3. Particularities of a psychoemotional state and possible risks:  
  • Satisfaction with life;
  • Unconcious  attitudes towards:
    •      oneself,
    •      world,
    •      home,
    •      school,
    •     social environment.
  • Level of stress;
  • Level of anxiety;
  • Possible reasons for existing issues (if any);
  • Presence of psychological overloading, chronic fatigue;
  • Possibility of risks of deviant behaviour (including suicidal);
  • Possibility of presence of minimal brain disfuntions (attention deficit, hyperactivity, etc.)

II. Client-oriented interview (recommended)


  • Conditions: prior online assessment (first option). 

  • Specifics: could be made in person or via Skype.

  • What could be found: more details and identification of particular abilities, unable to be discovered with online assessment (i.e. creative skills).

  • Necessity: recommended in case of doubts, high points on the scale of "Giftedness", (found during online assessment), as well as in order to identify creative and special abilities.

  • Length: 45-60 minutes.

  • Result: psychological characteristic with recommendations for a career choice, optimisation of educational/parenting process; 30 minutes interview with parents/teachers (upon request). 

  • What exactly could be discovered?

1. A more precise look on the identification of abilities and recommendations for career assessment
  • Level of development of creative abilities; 
  • Level of humanitarian abilities development; 
  • Level of imagination and lateral thinking development.
2. More details regarding online assessment (if any):
  • Correction of possible inaccuracies;
  • More details regarding conroversial outcomes.
3. Professional opinion

The psychologist, who submits the interview, provides his independent opinion about the testee based of his professional experience.

III. Psychophysiological assessment 



  • Conditions: prior online assessment.

  • Specifics: could be made only in person, because of an Activationmeter - the special hardware for a psychophysiological assessment. Activationmeter is certified in Europe (EN 55024-99, EN 55022: 99 + A1: 01). Certificates and official documents for the device are available from representatives of the company.

  • What could be found:  machine identication of nervous system' properties,  objective assessment of  motivation and interests.

  • Necessity: recommended for refine of the results and more objective approach towards them; also, if personal or distant assessment has identified a high level of stress or risks. Obligatory, if the guardian suspects a kind of addiction.

  • Length: 2 sessions for 45 minutes. 

  • Result: psychological characteristic with recommendations for a career choice, optimisation of educational/parenting process; 30 minutes interview with parents/teachers (upon request). 

  • What exactly could be discovered?

1. A more objective approach towards career assessment with a special device for psychophysiological assessment (Activationmeter)
  • Unconcious interests and hidden motivation;  as a consiquence- possibility to help a testee choose a career, that suites him/her the most on the psychophysiological level;
  • Hemispheric asymmetry - features of thinking; as a consequence - the appropriate type and style of mental activity;
  • Fast formation of skills; as a consequence - the ability to learn and the particularities of information processing;
  • Stress-resistance, ability to work in an extreme situation;
  • Monotonous stability;
  • Features of attention - concentration, switchability.


2. Peculiarities of a psychoemotional state and possible risk
  • The physiological level of stress and anxiety;
  • Potential and real susceptibility to dependencies (chemical or social);
  • Dynamics of working process; as a result, recommendations for improving the success of the educational process.

Apply now!

  • We work from Wednesdays to Sundays, from 9:00 to 17:00 (GMT +1).
  • Individual consultations and psychophysiological assesments are performed as from the 1st December 2017
  • Applications made before the 1st December have a 20% discount.
  • Depending on the specific preferences, as well as on geographical and financial possibilities, it is possible to conduct only distant career assessment and individual counseling, or all three stages of career assessment at once.
  • We offer the set of three options with discount of 15%. 
  • For educational institutions, where a multiple assessment is required, discounted prices apply (depending on the number of students - contact us).
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Main facts about PRIME Personality

Mission statement of PRIME Personality Career and Talents Assessment Center:

Improvement of the quality of life of the younger generation through the on time identification of talents and the provision of scientifically based recommendations for developing abilities and choosing a life path that fits their personal characterstic the most.

CEO of the Center: 

Alisa Tananaeva

  • Psychophysiological department of the Moscow State University;
  • Special training on the modern methods of psychotherapy (450 hours);
  • Taining on the Activationmeter AC-9K with the Professor Tsigarelli;
  • Master of Science in Psychology approved by Malta Qualification Recognition Center. 
  • Experience in identification of personality traits and differentiations: from 1992. 

Scienfic consultants:

World-known scientists in the fields of psychological and psychophysiological assessment. 

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Where we are: 

  • Our center is located in Malta.
  • Four times a year we have session around other European countries.
  • Online assessment and the interview could be made at any time and anywhere.
  • Our mobile number/Viber/WhatsApp/Telegram: +356 99999093.

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